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Frequently Asked Questions

Home deep cleaning service includes everything that a standard cleaning by a housemaid will not. The service involves the use of professional-grade equipment and trained staff who clean the house more than just sweeping and dusting.

While the deep home cleaning service cleans every nook and corner of your home, the following are not part of the service:

  • Cleaning of utensils
  • Cleaning of walls and ceiling
  • Floor polishing
  • Polishing of wooden furniture
  • Wet shampooing of blinds, chair, sofa and carpets

It is recommended and advised to remove all the expensive and valuable items from the cabinets and wardrobes before the cleaning begins.

There is no requirement of leaving the place during the cleaning process. In fact, your presence is recommended to ensure that the job is done to your liking. You can always communicate with the cleaning professional to put more attention to any particular area of the house.

While the cleaning service doesn’t harm the pets in any way, it is recommended to keep them away during the process to avoid them being scared by the equipment used for cleaning. Additionally, if you pets are aggressive with the presence of strangers in your house, it is recommended to keep them away from the are being cleaned to avoid any unwanted accidents.

The products used by our cleaning professionals are of the highest grade and completely safe with pets. However, if your pet has any specific allergy to any cleaning products, please discuss it with the professional before the cleaning begins.

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