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Frequently Asked Questions

The chemicals used by our professionals are hospital-grade and certified to kill Coronavirus and other harmful viruses and germs.

If you are unable to find the appropriate option for your requirements, please feel free to contact us directly and we will create a custom plan as per your needs.

In the sanitization/ disinfectant service done by our professionals, the infected area is fumigated with chemicals to kill harmful viruses and bacteria. Areas prone to high physical interaction such as door handles and switches are wiped with the chemicals to avoid any missed contaminated area.

No, sanitization of your vehicle doesn’t require any preparation prior to the service. Our trained professionals will take care of your vehicle with utmost care.

Usually you don’t have to clean your vehicle after the disinfectant treatment, but depending on the kind of treatment and chemicals being used, our experts will advice you if there are any need of cleanup for anything after the service.

No, the sanitization of your vehicle will be carried out at your place and doesn’t require the vehicle to be taken to another place.

It’s hard to predict how your pet will react to the treatment. For example, if you have a dog that’s a little aggressive, it may disturb the operation or tries to lick the chemicals being sprayed. If it’s very aggressive, it may try to attack the professionals and hence it may be a good idea to keep your pet away for a few hours till the treatment is done and chemicals are dried properly.

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