Rats are very harmful and they are the species that can spread infections. They are also responsible for damaging the stocks and buildings with their sharp teeth that can help them get through the wooden doors and plastic and even mild steel. Our professionals will offer you with proper guidance which can help you keep the rats and rodents far away from the home.

Treatment- The treatment comprises of keeping bait stations with safer rodenticide in hidden corners of the rooms or where the presence of rate is noticed or expected. Our trained operators keep on changing the positions and refill the bait stations on their schedule visits. Under normal circumstances rats are suppose to run out buy chemical reaction and they do not die within the premises. If the problem of rats is more, than we may also use the technique of acute poisoning, trapping, cutting and fumigation of rat burrows.


Bed bugs are very difficult to track and remove and hence call for expertise in detection and their eradication. We use high vacuum techniques to clean and draw out the pests and their eggs, collecting the dust in special bags and disposing them off safely. This is used in conjunction with application of specific herbal based insecticides to all furniture, especially beds, cracks and crevices where they may hide and throughout the room using special pressure pumps to reach deep. Initial application and extermination is followed up by another maintenance service about a fortnight later and then regular monthly or three-monthly service.

Mosquito & flies Control
Vector Management Treatment (Mosquitoes & flies control)

Mosquitoes & Flies are an incredible nuisance in our life and at a certain point it becomes really unbearable. Therefore, it is important to opt for the service and there is nobody else who can provide the service like us. We will take the initiative of reducing the health risk and will adopt the solutions that can eliminate the mosquitoes from your area.

Our preventive measures are designed in the manner which involves the use of chemical which are not harmful to human and herbal products so that you can really have a happy life.

This service is very essential for the control of flies and mosquitoes. Vector control treatment comprises of three action plan

  • By treating the breeding areas such as open drains and dustbins etc.
  • By spraying insecticide formulations which residual effect within the premises such as under the bushes, damp area etc.
  • Fogging or misting chemical emulsion in outer area such as open garden areas during dawn and dusk. This service is carried out mostly in large areas like big hotels, industrial & residential townships and housing societies. Offer is submitted for premises after detail inspection.
Dis-Infestation Services (For Cockroaches/ Household Crawling Insects)

Cockroaches are the most common household insects that grow at a faster pace. They are very much in favor of foods and you will find them mostly in the kitchen. They can also damage your books, pictures and furnishings. The infestations of the cockroaches can easily be detected by their foul smell that causes an unpleasant atmosphere around the house. They are the cause of many harmful diseases and so our qualified pest control technicians adopt solutions that are long term.We offers the customers with experienced technicians who adopt the powerful insecticides to deal with the creepy cockroaches. In the initial stage we identify the sources and then keep your house free from the cockroaches throughout the year. Our effective services can deliver you the highest level of satisfaction and ensure safety of the family

Weed Control Treatment

Weeds and grasses that crops up around the industrial plants, airports, refineries, yards and power stations etc. are a constant potential hazard to men and property. Also weeds hinder the movement of men and repairs of the building and obscure clear visibility, not to mention the possibility of a fire. Mechanical or manual wedding provides only temporary or partial relief as most weeds grow as fast as they are removed. Only spraying of and dusting of effective and proper weedicides can obtain enduring and effective feed free conditions. Estimate can be given only after comprehensive inspection and identification of the weeds at the site

Garden Pest Management Services

We are also specialized in taking care of your beautiful ornamental garden, farm houses, lawns and kitchen gardens. Various unknown and unwanted insects like butterflies, months, hoppers, bugs, gnats and all other crawling and flying insect pest are very dangerous for the plants in your garden areas. Theses pests are injury to plants and tree by devouring leaves, buds, stems, roots, lowers, fruits and seeds. We undertake garden pest control treatment by spraying and dusting insecticides/ pesticides which removes these unwanted guests from your garden premises.


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