Termite Control

The termite is the most harmful pests that can damage your valuable property. You will find them in woods and furniture which can destroy the assets and will reduce the monetary value of the property. With the total termite protection we are able to solve the problem of the termite. We adopt the innovative protection plan which can help you create a protective shield around your property.We offers the effective solutions that can help you get a clean environment.

We safeguards your home by concentrating on the soil and the structure. Our approach will work as a protective layer that will keep the termites away from your home. We treat the areas like doors, windows, eaves, walls, plumbing pipes etc.

We will inspect the area and will adopt the service that can be effective in the region. With the exterior protection we build a chemical barrier which will keep the termites far away from the property. Our technicians also take the initiative of applying the chemicals directly to the pests which will kill the existing one and will control the growth of the other termites. .

A. -Pre-construction anti termite treatment (for upcoming buildings).

This treatment is essential for new upcoming residential and non-residential buildings comprises of creating chemical barrier along the building to make it fully safe from termites infiltration & damage and is carried out at the early stage of construction by treating the soil in the foundation trenches, backfill earth and under floors. Final treatment is carried out in the external perimeter of the building or before the plinth protection is laid.

  • Foundation pits to be treated at the bottom and sides to a height of 30 cms. At the rate of 5 litres of 1% emulsion per square meter. (stage 1)
  • Built up walls to be treated on the both sides at a rate of 7.5 litres of 1% emulsion per square meter. (stage 2)
  • Before laying the floor, the plinth wall to be treated at the rate of 5 litres of 1% emulsion per square meter. Wherever pipes and conduits enter the soil inside the area of foundations, loosen the soil for a distance of 150 mm and to a depth of 75 mm and thoroughly drench with PIRAMID.20% EC. (stage 3)
  • After completion of building, the earth along the external perimeter of building at 7.5 litres of 1% emulsion.
B. -Laying of tubing network under the floor during the construction.

This technology consists of intelligent network of joint less flexible perforated pipes which is laid under the floor and cover the internal & external periphery of plinth walls of the building, once the building is ready, pesticides are pumped into the network periodically, network uniformly spreads the pesticide in the entire soil \ plinth area.

C.-Post construction anti termite treatment (for existing buildings).

This treatment is essential for controlling the termite infestation in the existing building premises. This is a highly specialized treatment which is carried out by drilling holes all along the perimeters from out-side of the building as well as in specific areas where wooden fixtures are embedded in floors and walls, water based chemical emulsion is sprayed or injected through these holes until properly soaked in order to create a strong chemical barrier impervious to termite. Termite galleries are removed and injected with fumigants and complete fix woodwork is thoroughly impregnated with special wood preservatives to make the wood resistant to further termite attack. The effectiveness period depends upon the infestation level. If during the effectiveness period any termite infestation occurs then we shall do the treatment again free of cost for removing the termite infestation.

D. -Termite control maintenance (for apartments, offices & basements).

Termite control maintenance services comprises of removing existing termite infestation by way of injecting effective termiticides in termite galleries and spraying wood preservatives on the entire fix woodwork to make it resistant to future termite attack. This treatment is essential for multi-story apartments and those buildings, which is having basements. Routine checkups and treatment follow the treatment carried out initially if necessary.


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